Tutorials and practical sessions will deal with the following principal topics:

  • Types of Artificial Intelligence Models
  • Evolution and Present-Day GAIM
  • Core Algorithms: Neural Networks, (Large) Language Models, Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Resources for AI
  • Evaluation of GAIM
  • Usages of Generative AI: GAIM for Images, GAIM for Videos, GAIM for Texts
  • Benefits to Science, Medicine, Media, Humanities etc.
  • Implications and Concerns: Social, Educational, Professional


The School schedule, including tutorial titles, exercises to be performed in the practical sessions, and the list of invited lecturers will be published on the School web pages in the near future.

Brainstorming sessions will allow students to delve more deeply into the course material, addressing questions such as::
  • Can computers learn common sense?
  • Is the so-called “AI bottleneck” hampering the acquisition of pragmatic and conceptual knowledge by computers obsolete?
  • Can the current limitations  of GAIM be overcome?
  • How could humanity guarantee safe usage of future AI?

The School will include a half day visit in the city of Iași and a one day excursion to Northern Romanian Moldova, where participants will discover cultural sites and traditions.